Welcome to the official website of Cattini e Figlio S.p.a. , the largest Italian independent manufacturer of transmission gears and geared elements. Our founder, Pierino Cattini, established the business in the late ‘40s under the structure of a sole proprietorship to produce small gears for motorcycles and hay elevators. In 1954, he changed the social form into a Corporation as it is today and gradually left the hay elevators to fully focus his business on transmission gears for vocational vehicles.

Cattini e Figlio’s history is permeated with ambition, determination, innovation and integrity: evergreen values that have enabled our Organization to move through the decades and become the medium sized Company with the widest technical competences and production range of transmission gears, gear shifting systems and geared elements.

Cattini covers the market requirements of the entire driveline of vocational, heavy-duty vehicles, both on and off-highway, as well as the most demanding industrial applications and e-drives. Our investments in developing our human resources as well as procuring the most advanced production equipment and managing our own heat treatment results in an unmatched array of high value advantages for our Customers as:

  1. High level of product quality;
  2. High level of product performance;
  3. High level of the Total Procurement Experience

We take great pride, after 70 years in the business, to still learn lessons every day and improve our performances as a Supplier or as a Solution integrator, depending on our Customers’ demands.

Pedetemptim sed incessanter ® is the Latin saying for: Step by step but never stop.

It has been the intrinsic Philosophy of our Organization and is our Promise for the years to come; a Promise, we know, we will always keep.


Lorenzo Amedeo Primo Cattini

Chairman of the Board, CEO