Planet gears are among the most stressed gear elements in each vehicle driveline: they have to withstand with the highest torques if they are operated as final drives or they must ensure a smooth operation sometimes at very high speeds if operating in transmissions.

The wide choice of processes combined with the heat treatments available in house ends up to an uncompromising quality picture, giving our Customers simply the right answer for their needs and the best gears money can buy! For the true leading edge quality requirements, ring gears can also be ground.



Ring gears shaped up to 550 mm.

Ring gears broached up to 380 mm.

Heat treatments available for ring gears are: carburising/direct quench, carburising/press quench, induction hardening, gas nitriding.

Tooth finish for all sun and planet gears may be hobbed, shaved, ground, CBN ground, superfinished.