• Why should we work together with Cattini & Figlio?
Because Cattini & Figlio has proven its ability to understand the particular needs which govern each different project and is always capable to propose to each Customer the right solution for their requirements.
  • Will Cattini & Figlio always be able to support us?
Cattini & Figlio’s primary commitment is to provide each Customer its full support from the beginning to the end of a gear project, even if that project may last decades. The Company’s management and personnel realise that Customers must never be left alone.
  • In case one of of our wishes could not be fulfilled, what could we expect from Cattini & Figlio?
Despite Cattini & Figlio’s utmost motivation and well developed organisational policies, it may happen sometimes that not all Customer’s requirements can be met entirely: should it be the case, Cattini & Figlio will always inform correctly the Customer about the reasons for these limits and the possible alternative solutions to achieve Customer’s targets. Again, Cattini & Figlio will never leave you alone.
  • Will Cattini & Figlio be a reliable supplier?
Reliability is a key word for Cattini & Figlio: every resource is deployed to ensure a reliable performance of Cattini’s obligations to Customers. For Cattini & Figlio, one time good service is not enough: continuos, dependable performance is what the entire Organisation -  from top management to every single worker – is oriented to.
  • How should we plan our orders with Cattini & Figlio?
Orders may be placed both as open orders with regular call-offs or as closed orders with fixed requirements. Orders may also be placed via EDI as well as under traditional means (e-mail, fax, mail etc.).
  • Is Cattini & Figlio a short term troubleshooter or a long term partner?
Although our ability to find quick solutions to Customer’s troubles has been well developed through the years, Cattini & Figlio’s attitude to the gear business is for a long term partnership. With some Customers we have already celebrated the 50th anniversary of uninterrupted business relationship!
  • What are the major References of Cattini & Figlio?
We serve almost all major OEMs worldwide in the sectors of activity of agricultural tractors, construction machines, commercial vehicles, buses, driveline manufacturers as well as selected companies manufacturing industrial machines. A detailed list is available upon request.