Cattini has heavily invested in the past two years to be able to produce planetary ring gears in a competitive and highly professional way.

Besides the well proven skiving process, which Cattini pioneered already in the mid ‘80s, Cattini has invested in a state-of-the-art gear shaping machine which enables a one-piece-flow production. Being all driven axis numerically controlled and the tool axis operated by linear motors, this machine has no mechanical drive that requires lengthy and costly set-up times but everything is programmable via the CNC panel.

This results in un unmatched quality, as no wear occurs during time, and flexibility which are the values needed today and tomorrow for a highly efficent Supplier.

Both skiving and shaping machines are also equipped with a tool changer, which enables a multiple gear cutting in the same set-up, thus, maximising quality.

To complete the high added value picture, in-house press quenching heat treatment is available for those ring gears requiring the ultimate strength and performance.


Internal diameter from 100 to 600 mm

Tooth finish: as cut – skived – ground

High power density options: isotropic finishing – shot peening – phosphating.